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Fence and Deck Finish

Whether you are painting a new fence around the yard, or restoring the old overgrown deck back, we provide the very best staining, sealant and paint goods together with experience application you’ve come to anticipate.  

Las Cruces New Mexico Painters can renovate an older deck or paint a just installed fence. Fill in a request through the quote form at the right!

Deck Painting and Staining

Proper stain in your deck raises beauty and also the expression of your yard as well as optimizing and protecting the life of your own structure.   An excellent deck complete is important to any residential or commercial deck undertaking.   Although a few paints are work on outside timber, it can be complicated ensuring you select paint or stain which allows the wood to breathe and does not seal in moisture that could really detract the wood with time.   

Dark Stain on a Las Cruces, NM deck and porch
Deck Staining in Las Cruces, NM

Fence Painting

 Las Cruces New Mexico can stain or paint fences as well as decks and the exact products to use can vary depending on your specific project.

Semi-transparent in addition to solid finish is available to supply you the very best look for your fence. 

When the fence is a new structure, we recommend allowing the wood to weather a few weeks to be able to offer a better surface to utilize the end.  

In case you have questions concerning your deck or fence and when it is excellent for staining, don’t be afraid to give us a call!  

Deck Repair and Refinishing

 For this end, we have started to provide our very own deck fix alternatives ensuring that your result is secure and looks great for several years to come. Las Cruces New Mexico Painters offers deck and porch repair services including:

  • Replacing Damaged Boards
  • Stabilizing Posts
  • Repairing Foundation
  • Prepping and Refinishing

Gallery and Consulting

 With choices between paint or stain, and translucent, semi-transparent or robust color, it could be overpowering.   Or perhaps you don’t understand the very best steps to revive and correct an old deck that’s dangerous.